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Online Summer School

Application deadline extended July 01, 2021

The summer school aims at bringing together distinguished scholars and young researchers in the field of energy and environmental economics to discuss research advances and relevant policy issues. The program has an emphasis on intercultural, scientific interaction and exchange of thoughts. In particular, it addresses the interface between methodical knowledge transfer and applied research to equip the participants with the essential skill-set for contributing to a successful energy and mobility transition. We seek to cover a wide range of topics in order to draw a holistic picture on current global challenges in the energy and mobility sector. Doing so, we aim at inspiring new research ideas and giving young researchers the opportunity to develop a global network.


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Winter School in Egypt

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Students will have the opportunity to research Egypt’s different energy markets and to get acquainted with Egypt’s experience in renewable energy in general and in solar energy in specific. Egypt aims to be an energy hub between Europe, Asia and Africa. Will that be achieved? What are the enabling factors or expected challenges? Students will acquire knowledge through surveying a sample of the Egyptian population’s willingness and readiness to move into solar energy use and the obstacles thereof. In addition, students will give a presentation and write a short paper summarizing what they have learned about energy markets in Egypt with special reference to solar energy.

Research Projects & Networks

Research Stays

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1- From Egypt to Germany
During their research stays, scholars will get linked to the local research institutions under the supervision the Institute for Energy Economics at the University of Cologne. The faculty of economics is a leading European institution on its fields, especially also for behavioural economics, the excellence cluster “ECONtribute” of the universities Bonn and Cologne aims to advance a new paradigm for the analysis of markets & public policy in light of fundamental societal and technological challenges. During the first year of the project we will award: 3 short stays (1 week) for post-docs in Cologne for a kick-off event and a program to get to know the Cologne Graduate School Structures 1 Scholarship for a research stay of an Egyptian post-doc in Cologne (2 month) 1 scholarship for a research stay of an Egyptian PhD Candidate (6 month)

2-From Germany to Egypt
In Cairo, there are several institutions such as Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, the Economic Research Forum, and the Center for Applied Research on the Environment and Sustainability (CARES) at the American University in Cairo. During the first year of the project we will award: 1 Scholarship of three months for a German PhD student in Egypt.


The tournament is a competitive simulation of future retail electric power markets, in which retail "brokers" buy and sell power in both wholesale and retail markets. The wholesale market is an abstraction of typical day-ahead markets in North America and Europe, and the retail market is a tariff market, in which customers are able to choose among tariff contract offerings from the competing brokers. Customers are models of a household, business, electric vehicle, and institutional users of electric power, as well as small-scale producers of power that own solar arrays or small wind turbines.
This year’s theme is 'the more, the merrier'! Who knows whether restrictions on large gatherings will hold throughout the year, but in the virtual world, everyone is welcome to the party. Notices on updates to the competition will be released soon. In the meantime, spread the word about Power TAC to potential competitors far and wide and let’s make this year’s competition the biggest yet!
Trial rounds in June, July, and August help broker developers work out communication and interaction issues:
Trial 1: June 21 – 25
Trial 2: July 26 – 30
Trial 3 : August 23 – 27
Qualifying : September 20 – October 1
Finals : October 11 – 27