Winter School

The hope of Technological solutions for Energy Economical Crisis – German and Egyptian Perspectives

November 6th to November 10th, 2022

Venue: American University in Cairo, Egypt

The Winter School focused on technology solutions for the current energy economical crisis. The hope of achieving technological solutions that would enhance the energy economics and contribute to energy mix. During the Winter School state of the art technological solutions were presented, all tackling the current energy economical crisis, available and prospective “solutions”.

At a jointly organized Winter School in Cairo, 52 young German and Egyptian researchers have now discussed technological solutions for a sustainable future. It was not only about the expansion of renewable energies, but also about the role of hydrogen and geothermal energy in Egypt. Input was provided, among others, by EWI researchers Patricia Sophia Wild (on the hydrogen market ramp-up) and Nicole Niesler (on the Expert Council on Climate Change (ERK)) and Maria K. from the University of Cologne (on the current #COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh).

Participants attended a number of sessions on the topics of energy landscapes in Egypt and in Germany, as well as the current energy economical crisis, available and prospective technological solutions to it.

Winter School 2022



Karim Zafer

International Project Manager at the

International Office, University of Cologne



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