Research Stays

1 - From Egypt to Germany
During their research stays, scholars were linked to the local research institutions under the supervision the Institute for Energy Economics at the University of Cologne. The faculty of economics is a leading European institution on its fields, especially also for behavioural economics, the excellence cluster “ECONtribute” of the universities Bonn and Cologne aims to advance a new paradigm for the analysis of markets & public policy in light of fundamental societal and technological challenges. During the first year of the project we awarded: 3 short stays (1 week) for post-docs in Cologne for a kick-off event and a program to get to know the Cologne Graduate School Structures 1 Scholarship for a research stay of an Egyptian post-doc in Cologne (2 month) 1 scholarship for a research stay of an Egyptian PhD Candidate (6 month)

2 - From Germany to Egypt
In Cairo, there are several institutions such as Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, the Economic Research Forum, and the Center for Applied Research on the Environment and Sustainability (CARES) at the American University in Cairo. During the first year of the project we awarded: 1 Scholarship of three months for a German PhD student in Egypt.


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