Our Research Topics

Promoting the Use of Solar Energy in Egypt

Research Topic 1 regards an analysis of the usage of solar energy in Egypt and Germany. What continues to hinder increased reliance on solar energy in Egypt although several initiatives were introduced for an electricity mix that includes solar, wind, and biomass, as well as, nuclear and energy-efficiency measures? How may the German experience be of relevance to the case of Egypt, especially given Germany's success in the use of solar energy and renewable energy in general?


One method that may help address the above is to conduct a large-scale survey of firms in Egypt to identify the main problem areas, with a view to arriving at appropriate policy recommendations. The survey may also cover consumer perspectives to shed light on how the consumer perceives solar energy and what they may consider as a hindrance to its implementation to date.

Research stays and summer schools at the partner institutions in Egypt/Germany allow students to gain insights into the Egyptian and German solar energy market and to according to research.

During the first year of the project, Dr. Elhini and Dr. Hassaballa from the British University in Egypt have developed a research proposal on the topic of “Solar energy in Egypt: challenges & opportunities” and discussed the outline with the ewi. The initial aim of this research is to identify the main problems underlying Egypt’s delayed reliance on solar energy, with the aim of arriving at appropriate policy recommendations.The project has two objectives: 1. To identify the main challenges and opportunities of the increased reliance on solar energy in Egypt from the firms’ and consumers’ perspectives. 2. To compare the Egyptian condition with respect to solar energy use with the German early experience, aiming to arrive at appropriate policy recommendations as well as a possible action plan to be presented to relevant government authorities and decision makers in Egypt.
The research can further be extended to include the topic of hydrogen. The scope of the survey could be broadened to identify the positions of the Egyptian stakeholders regarding the formation of a hydrogen economy in Egypt. A major topic would be to determine how the stakeholders could imagine a cooperation with a European country (e.g. Germany), particularly looking at what advantages they hope for and what potential risks they see. Following up on this, concepts for cooperation that offer advantages for both countries could be developed.

The project investigates the challenges and opportunities of solar energy use in Egypt through conducting a large-scale survey of firms engaged in solar energy supply in Egypt. The survey also covers the consumer perspective to shed light on how potential consumers perceive solar energy and the limitations to its implementation on a full scale.


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