Our Research Topics

The Mobility Transition

The defossilisation of the transportation sector is an important task on the way towards a more sustainable economy. Additionally, the usage of cheap electricity from renewable energies promises affordable transportation and less dependency on fuel imports. In this context, alternative drives are the key to success and, especially on a global scale, electric vehicles (EVs) will become the driving force in this. However, EVs create a paradigm shift for both the transport and power sectors. On the one hand, they could support variable renewable power growth through different charging schemes such as time-variable “smart charging” and vehicle to grid (V2G) electricity supply. On the other hand, the adoption of electric vehicles challenges the energy system as additional load is induced. Furthermore, the application of fully electric drives for heavy-duty vehicles is restricted for technical reasons and additional concepts like hydrogen mobility or the application of synthetic fuels might be the better option in some use cases. Additionally, complementary concepts like extended public transport or micro-mobility can contribute. Finding the optimal composition of these approaches is a challenging task that highly depends on local circumstances. This project sheds light on different aspects of these cause-effect circumstances.

In a joint approach, the potential of e-mobility for Egypt is assessed quantitatively with regard to the numbers of EVs and the resulting electricity demand. Then, the compatibility with the Egyptian energy system is analyzed by applying different adoption scenarios to an energy system model (e.g. Power TAC). Additionally, linked to the topic hydrogen, the potential for hydrogen mobility is assessed, given the local conditions. On top of that, we plan to analyze alternative mobility concepts with regard to their applicability for Egypt. Finally, the results is to be compared to mobility transition scenarios from Germany for identifying joint as well as individual challenges and opportunities.


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